Welcome to Make_Space. Here the focus is just that—making space in life so that we might hear God more clearly. Too often our lives and our schedules are filled with so much activity that we can barely find time to breathe, let alone truly care for our souls.

If you are searching for more in your faith journey but feel stuck where you are, please know that you are not alone in this. Perhaps you feel ragged and tired of the race while seeking peace in the midst of chaos. Know that you are not alone. Maybe you have hit a dry stage of life like a parched traveler in the desert. You aren’t the only one. Whether you find yourself in a place of spiritual exhaustion, lonely wandering, or a crisis of faith, you are not alone.

Make_Space is about creating the places and spaces in our daily lives to breathe, care for our souls, be revived in our spirits, and more clearly hear from God in the midst of life. Sometimes we need permission to do so, and sometimes we need a gentle reminder to return to these practices which have been edged out in the midst of busy life. Either way the call is to pause and make_space in the present.

Whether you are clergy, a volunteer in ministry, a spiritual seeker, or simply serious about growing in faith and life, Spiritual Direction is a great way to intentionally make_space in your life. If Resources, Coaching, or Consulting are what you need, they can be found here as well.