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Finding the Ebb & Flow

Finding the Ebb & Flow

The key is in channeling that ebb and flow to advance in life.

Merriam-Webster defines the term “ebb and flow” as something that changes in a regular and repeated way.

There is sort of ebb and flow in life—a natural rhythm. I like that imagery because I love spending time at the beach. There is a constant rhythm to the ocean as the waves crash and recede and the tides come and go. The sand then “resets” with the changing of those tides, and the impact of sandcastles and children playing is washed away by the time the sun rises. Where castle moats once were carved into the beach, nothing but a clean slate appears with the moving sun. All of the activity returns the next day and the cycle continues. 

Similar to the beach, that idea of the ebb and flow can be found in our daily lives, our monthly routine, and even the year-long schedules that we manage. The key is in channeling that ebb and flow to advance in life.

Some tend to “turn over a new leaf” with the start of a new year. There’s something about January, resolutions, and a spirit of change that helps make some necessary change in our lives.  For others, Spring is an ideal time for a fresh start. The cold, brown of winter is receding while flowers bloom and the trees bud and makes for a great time to open the windows and open our lives to new possibilities. 

There is always a great time for change, but there will always be reasons and excuses for a lack of change, so the key is in identifying the ebb and flow of your own life and the time to make that necessary adjustment to advance in life. Find that time. Make that time and make space for change today.

What is the ebb and flow in your own life? 

How can you intentionally take advantage of that to effect change in your own life? 

Take some time to form a plan on this, and then tell someone who can hold you accountable to that plan.

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