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September 16, 2019

Spiritual growth can’t happen when wedges are a part of the picture.

I’m not terribly outdoorsy. When we moved to our current house, my father-in-law had to show me how to split firewood for our fireplace. We got a splitting maul, an axe, and a series of wedges, and he showed me how and when to use them in their various applications. I was impressed with how effective a small, steel wedge was in splitting even the thickest of logs. I recall stopping between swings with the sledge side of my maul and just listening to the sound of the wedge working as it popped, cracked, and separated the wood even without the added pressure of another swing.

Wedges were effective in splitting logs that the maul couldn’t handle. Wedges, in a spiritual and metaphorical sense, can be tools of harm rather than good. 

A couple years ago I had a conversation with someone who described their feeling of disconnection from God. They asked questions as to what they could do to reconnect and feel that sense of intimacy with God once more. As we talked, and peeled back some layers, it became clear that there were a series of wedges in this person’s life that had dramatically contributed to their situation and the sense of disconnection. 

The question is sometimes asked, “why does God feels so distant?” God’s tendency is to move toward people, not away, so it is far more likely that our own wedges have created distance and separation. A moment of quiet and honest examination would likely reveal the continual splitting sound as those wedges of separation grow wider. 

The wedges aren’t anything that God has done. Wedges are all about what we have allowed into our life which create separation between us and God. Identifying those wedges, and removing them, is necessary in order to move forward spiritually. 

Spiritual growth can’t happen when wedges are a part of the picture.

When it comes down to it, we can desire spiritual growth and connection with God, but, unless we are willing to first take care of the wedges in our life, that disconnection is fully our doing. God is willing to assist in the process of reconnection, of course, but God is first waiting for us to initiate the work of removing the wedges that we have put there.

What sort of wedges typically find their way into your spiritual life? 

What sort of work do you need to do to eliminate wedges in your life?

Let’s set up a time to talk about this in a Spiritual Direction session.

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