There Are Always Blue Skies


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June 17, 2019


My view was obscured, but that didn’t change what I knew was on the other side.

I stood on the deck looking across the lake, cup of coffee in hand, as the birds sang in the crisp morning air. Typically the other side of the lake was dotted with little houses, mostly summer homes and getaways from some other life that the owners were escaping. This particular morning, though, the fog obscured my view. I could make out some faint shapes, but no colors, and only my memory could fill the gap of what was over there.  

It was a different story just a couple days earlier. I had been standing in the same spot, a different cup of coffee in hand, looking across the lake and awestruck by the beauty of the water, blue skies, and cute little cottages across the way. What a difference a day or two, along with an overnight storm, had made on my ability to see clearly.

My view was obscured, but that didn’t change what I knew was on the other side.

I knew the lovely little cottages were still over there. In spite of not being able to see them well, I could know with certainty that they stood solidly in their place. The little A-frame cottage, my favorite of the houses across the way, assuredly remained in its place in all of its cute little glory. I could trust my memory in spite of not being able to see it.

My view was obscured, but that didn’t change what I knew was on the other side.

That’s similar to flying in an airplane when a storm is brewing. The skies look ominous, but the captain says over the speaker, “We’re going to quickly get up to cruising altitude above the storm.” It’s a bit bumpy getting there. It can feel touch and go, and your stomach flips and flops as you eye the airsick bag just in case. But as you clear the storm clouds and turbulence you find that the sky is still blue above it all.

It didn’t seem possible in the midst of the storm, but the blue skies were always present in spite of not seeing them. There are always blue skies.

Life can throw a lot at us, and sometimes it feels awfully dim, but the God who is with us in the times of blue skies is also present when it seems that God can’t be found. Sometimes our view can be obscured, but that doesn’t change what’s on the other side. 

Storms, turbulence, or silence are real, but so are the blue skies. Lean into the uncomfortable faith that the same God IS present.


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