“You’ve got to want it!”


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May 28, 2019


When we do the work and put in the intentional focus, results will follow. But you’ve got to want it first.

Human tendency is often to take the path of least resistance and that’s precisely what landed me at the gym as an overweight-out-of-shape pastor. I coasted with my physical health, ate poorly and often, and generally let myself go while reconciling that I was doing “God’s work” and that was more important than taking care of myself. If I just drank more Mountain Dew and some “roller dogs” from Speedway I could make it to the next meeting. A brief physical, blood test, and a shocked look from a nurse when my results came back led me to some drastic changes in diet and joining a gym.

I’ve now been working out at the same gym for about 6 years. It’s a class-style format similar to crossfit. We work out in smaller groups, usually rotating around the room through various exercises, while the trainer gives instruction and encouragement via microphone through the sound system with music thumping in the background. There are several phrases that the Owner/Trainer will say in the midst of the class. 

“You’ve got to want it!”

“This is where you dig deep, push through the pain, and that’s when you get results!”

I tease him that we have the same job, he’s just way more muscular than me. Just as with our need for physical training, our spirits also need training work to grow and develop. Our tendency in spiritual formation is sometimes to take the easiest route, shift into autopilot, and generally let ourselves get out of spiritual shape. On occasion there is a crisis that leads to a new path of formation, and other times we may just look up and realize how far we’ve wandered. Regardless of the cause, that phrase of “You’ve got to want it” rings in my ears. “This is where you dig deep…that’s when you get results!” 

When we do the work and put in the intentional focus, results will follow. But you’ve got to want it first. Take some time to do a little assessment. 

  • Are you where you want to be in your spiritual health? 
  • What will it take to make the necessary changes to move in that direction?
  • What is your first step, and when will you take it? 

If you’d like to explore Spiritual Direction as an option, send me a message and we’ll talk about what that could look like.


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